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Painting of Tennesse walking horses done on bulkhead of the Davidson's Shipfitter's shop for Frank Page SF2 who was a horse trainer in civilian life from Kentucky. This did not last long as it was not really appropriate for a military space aboard a navy ship. Done with paint from the bosun's locker of the Davidson - I was kind of proud of it while it lasted......but it become a standard issue Navy gray bulkhead after a few months following a ship's inspection.

Liberty in Olongapo, Subic Bay, Phillipines - Red Pencil

Frank Speer BM2, Anderson BM1 and Robert "Tweetie" Shippers BM
- cartoon of Navy life - colored pencil

Westpac 1967 cruise illustrated in a map of the Western Pacific colored pencil

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Then and now - BT3 Crosby then and Civilian (older and rounder) Crosby now

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