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Medals and Ribbons Earned by USS DAVIDSON
During her years of commission
1965 – 1988

Source: Ships and Unit Awards – Naval Historical Center

Combat Action Ribbon -
awarded if actively participated in ground or surface combat.

DE-1045   (26 Apr 1972)

Navy Meritorious Unit Citation –
award to any unit which has distinguished itself under combat or
non-combat conditions by either valorous or meritorious achievements compared to other units performing similar service.

DE-1045 (24 Oct 1968 – 2 May 1969)
DE-1045 (17 Apr 1972 – 4 Nov 1972)

Navy Battle “E” Medal -
denotes permanent duty on ships or in squad
rons that won the battle efficiency competition after 1 July 1974. This ribbon replaces the “E” patch previously sewn on the right sleeve of the uniform.

FF-1045 (1 Jan 1982 – 30 Jun 1983)

Navy Expeditionary Medal -
authorized 15 Aug 1936 – award for service in expedition and circumstances meriting special recognition for which no other medal is awarded.

FF-1045 (26 Apr 1980 – 4 Aug 1980) (Iran-Indian Ocean)

National Defense Medal –
awarded for honorable active service for any period between
1 Jan 1961 – 14 Aug 1974 ( DAVIDSON period used only)

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal -
awarded after 1 July 1958 for participation in a U S military operation in which service members in the opinion of the Joint chiefs of Staff determine hostile action by foreign armed forces was imminent even though
it does not materialize.

DE-1045 (19 Apr 1969 – 27 Apr 1969) Korea
DE-1045 (20 Sep 1971 - 5 Oct 1971) Korea

Viet Nam Service Medal –
Award established for service in Viet Nam after 3 July 1965 Through 28 March 1973

DE-1045 (Years participated) (1967-1968-1969-1970-1971-1972)

Viet Nam Gallantry Cross with Palm medal –
awarded by the Viet Nam government to military personnel who have accomplished deeds of valor or displayed heroic conduct while fighting the
enemy and have been cited individually or at the regiment, brigade, division or armed forces level.

DE-1045 (11 Jan 1969 – 15 Jan 1969)
DE-1045 (17 Apr 1972 – 4 Nov 1972)

Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal –
awarded to personnel who served in the Republic of Viet Nam for six months during the period 1 Mar 1961 – 28 Mar 1973

DE-1045 (1967-1968-1969-1970-1971-1972)

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Courtesy of ETCS(SW) Maurice Vose

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