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Always interested in the world of art I was fortunate to have the opportunity to provide the illustrations and cartoons for the Davidson's first cruise book for the 1967 Westpac cruise. There was also a ship's history I prepared for Davidson's visit to Hilo, Hawaii in 1968. These were the first pieces of art work of mine ever published, something of which I am proud.

I have continued to pursue art as a hobby to this day. Some copies of drawings, cartoons and paintings follow which pertain to the Davidson's early years and experiences shared. The intent always is to remember and honor the ship, the officers, and the men which I had the privlege to serve with. I sincerely hope that my work will be enjoyed by you and does not offend any shipmates in any way or misrepresent the loyal service they gave to the ship and our country. Those shipmates will always be in a place of honor in my memory.

                                                           Russell Crosby




Davidson Arriving - Hong Kong - WestPac 1967
Original - Egg Tempera - 2003

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Ship's History Cover
Cover Ship's History done for the visit to Hilo, Hawaii
done in April, 1968 - pen and ink




North Sea of Japan

Depiction of Hornet CVS-12, Taylor DD-468, Walker DD-517 and Davidson DE-1045 in the
North sea of Japan in May, 1967. There was a collision of the Walker and a Soviet Destroyer that occurred that made national headlines.

Mail Call on the Davidson


Mail Call on the Davidson in the Tonkin Gulf
- Egg tempera and ink





Naval Gunfire Support duty at night for the
Davidson - Egg tempera and ink




Cartoon of Robert "Tweetie" Schippers
Cartoon of Robert "Tweetie" Schippers Gunners Mate of the Asroc of the Davidson also includes John Jones who later became a ship fitter in R Divison.
- Colored pencil




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