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Ship's Specifications at Commissioning

Length Overall: 414 ½ feet

Extreme Beam: 44 feet

Displacement: 3500 tons

Command Facilities: Modular CIC with the most advanced communications and electronic Installations

Armament: ASROC (Anti-submarine rocket)
DASH (Drone anti-submarine helicopter)
Anti-Submarine torpedoes
Two 5" / 38 rapid fire single mounts

Propulsion: Steam turbine - single screw
Pressure fired steam generators
Shaft horsepower --- 35,000

Allowance: 12 Officers - 204 enlisted

USS DAVIDSON (DE-1045), the first ship in the United States Navy to bear his name, is the fifth in a new class of Ocean Escorts Destroyers and the third one built by Avondale Shipyards, Incorporated, Westwego, Louisana. Her keel was laid 30 September 1963 and she was christened 2 October 1964 by her sponsor, Mrs. Lyal A. Davidson. DAVIDSON is equipped with the latest main propulsion machinery, the newest long range, air, surface, and subsurface detection and tracking equipment, and the most advanced anti-submarine fire control system. Her armament includes the ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rocket) weapons system, the DASH helicopter, anti-submarine torpedoes, and two 5-inch 38 dual purpose single gun mounts. Her powerful sonar, ASROC, and torpedo installations equip her to hunt for and destroy submarines at extended ranges. She is equipped with the most modern communications and electronics installations to aid in carrying out her mission: to screen transoceanic convoys and to operate offensively against submarines. DAVIDSON is a fine new addition to the Cruiser-Destroyer Force, United States Pacific Fleet, and her entry into service marks another major stride forward in the program of providing the United States Navy with the most advanced type of warships to enable it to meet its challenges today and tomorrow. When DAVIDSON joins Cruiser-Destroyer Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, she will be homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


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