Contributors to the USS Davidson Reunion Association

Egg handmade by Helen Lawson, wife of Pappy Lawson.

The USS DAVIDSON Reunion Association wouldn't be what it is today without the help of the following crew members, their families and other non-crew member people. Over the last 6 years, these people have made monetary donations, donated various items, worked on special projects and helped the President with his job of running the Association.



Daniel Andree – Davidson Christmas cars, info sheet, family grams from Captain Shapero, the 1974 Westpac

Newsletter and other misc. items.

Dean Hoover – with DESA who has published our DAVIDSON stories

Charlie Ryan – for his help with our Task Force 71 project.

Asahi Shimbun America, Inc. – for help with the Task Force 71 project.

Gary Smoyer – picture forwards

Michael Landry – picture forwards

George Overman and Orvil Williams – USS COGSWELL – for advice to the President

Richard Breit – reunion name tags and advice to the President.

Donald Gates – achive donations

Capt. Tom Hovland – permission to use his drawing of the ship on this year's T-Shirt

Ralph Bunch – Annual Tweetie Bird figure for the President

Papa Grand's Pizza – Craig Ecklund – for our pizza party

Dave Cain – Flash Photo – for the reunion photos.

Brenda Williams and the staff at the Grand Country Inn – for all they do to make our reunions a success

Steve Andrews – Davidson plaque for the archives

Joe Moss – help with the cook book

Ed Klein – NASA handouts, NASA program and Sonar program

Russell Crosby – Capt. Stanfield painting, misc. art work, Hinkle sign, Task Force 71 program and advice to the President.

James Bel – Monetary donation

Robert Goodspeed – Bull dog mascot and items for the “free” table

John Blackann – Davidson license plate holders

Gay Blackann – help with the raffle and showing of her father's Pearl Harbor video

Dan Kroeger – Primo beer glasses and 5”38 shell cap for archives, help with the raffle, ads, “Stars and Stripes” newspapers, Serviceman's guide to Hong Kong , “Enemy Below” video, 1971 and 1972 crew list.

USN recruiters in Marshalltown and Des Moines, Iowa, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Omaha, Nebraska for items for our “free” table

Steve Moulton – help with the raffle

Dave & Marcia Houlterhaus – for Plan of the Days and photos of the ship arriving for the first time in Hawaii and it's first birthday party and for help packing up the ship's store on Saturday afternoon.

Sam Bartlett – help with Task Force 71 program.

D.L. Burris – help on sonar program, loan of his photo collection for the DVD project and for conducting the memorial service for Frank Speer.

Brean Fowler – cook book project, 40 th Anniversary DVD, being our web master who makes us look good around the world, help with the technical problems in the audio/visual field, individual crew photos and membership cards.

Belinda Crosby – Davidson cook book and donation

Gary Nablo – D.L. Burrios DVD.

Tin Can Sailors – raffle prizes and gifts.

Ross Ford – who made this year's T-Shirts

Ron with AMARR Enterprises – who made the USS DAVIDSON caps

Alan Yegge – donated his service to engrave the USS DAVIDSON shell case ashtray.

Harold Jensen – donation for beer for the pizza party.

John Jones – 20 mm shell, photos

Darry Keller – donation, special projects, deck log conversion, dog tag project, photos, historian duties, advice to the President, USN misc. for the “free” table and raffle table, Frank Speer CD and crew interviews.

Dan Kroeger – shell cap and Primo glass donation, ads placed for the reunion and advice to the President

Brian Schmehl – picture forwards

Larry Thomas – donation of the Tinner's hammer and the paint chipping hammer, USN misc for the “free” table and the sailor statue to the President

Lelis do Couto---map of the area where the Davidson sank

Chuck Meyer---for the use of his photos

Rolf Sabye---for the use of the photos of the ship taken from the Hornet in 1968

Art ala Carte---for laminating our Davidson drawings

Neil Eney---for his donation for next years reunion

Mike Andrews---for his donation of the US map

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle table and also to the cook book with your favorite recipes.

And last, but not least, my BOSS Karen Schippers who without her advice and help in the office much of the work would not get done. She actually runs the reunion while I am out there visiting with the crew members. She makes me look good. So if there is one person who needs a big thank you at the reunion, she is the one you should give it to.

I'm sure I left someone out and missed giving credit to and for that I apologize.


Once again, thank you to you all. The success of this reunion has much to do with fact that you have helped out during the year with your support, your membership dues, and the kind words we hear daily in the office.

Those wishing to order the USS DAVIDSON DE/FF license plate holders, please contact John Blackann at These went so fast in the ship's store that there are some of you that probably didn't even know we had them.

Thanks again,
Robert "Tweetie Bird" Schippers


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