Summary of USS DAVIDSON's 4th WESTPAC Deployment

7 July 1971

Underway for WESTPAC deployment as member of TU 70.0.1

9 Jul 21 Jul

Enroute Subic Bay, Phillipines, refueled at Midway Island , Guam , Marianas Inchop COMSEVENFLT

22 Jul 26 Jul

Upkeep at U.S. Naval Station, Subic Bay , Phillipines

26 Jul 28 Jul

Enroute to North SAR Station, Tonkin Gulf

29 Jul 8 Aug

Operated as gunship escort for USS REEVES DLG-24
at North SAR station as a member of TU 77.0.1

9 Aug 11 Aug

Enroute to Subic Bay , P.I. for upkeep

16 Aug

Underway for RVN gunline operations

17 Aug 26 Aug

Conducted MARKET TIME activities off the coast of Vietnam

26 Aug 29 Aug

Conducted NGFS off southwest coast of Vietnam in support of U Minh Forest Campaign of 21 st ARVN Division total rounds expended 400

29 Aug 30 Aug

Conducted MARKET TIME activities

30 Aug 2 Sep

Enroute to Hong Kong and inport Hong Kong

2 Sep 6 Sep

Enroute to Yokosuka , Japan

6 Sep 24 Sep

Inport Yokosuka , Japan

24 Sep 26 Sep

Enroute to North Pacific for special operations

26 Sep 2 Oct

Special operations in North Pacific

2 Oct 5 Oct

Enroute to Sasebo , Japan for upkeep

5 Oct 10 Oct

Inport Sasebo , Japan

10 Oct 13 Oct

Enroute to Hong Kong

13 Oct 18 Oct

Inport Hong Kong

18 Oct 19 Oct

Enroute to Subic Bay , Phillipines to repair rudder

19 Oct 11 Nov

Drydocked in floating drydock at Subic Bay for emergency repairs on rudder bearing

11 Nov 13 Nov

Enroute to PIRAZ station in the Gulf of Tonkin

13 Nov 19 Nov

Conducted PIRAZ escort duties for USS FOX DLG-33

19 Nov

Enroute to YANKEE Station for escort duties to USS ENTERPRISE

20 Nov 27 Nov

Conducted escort duties with USS ENTERPRISE

27 Nov 29 Nov

Enroute Subic Bay , Phillipines

4 Dec 16 Dec

Enroute to Pearl Harbor , Hawaii

16 Dec

Inport U.S. Naval Station, Pearl Harbor , Hawaii

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