Greetings from the 2nd Captain of the USS Davidson

Captain R.M. Whitaker

I would like to offer “GREETINGS” to the Officers and Men who manned the USS DAVIDSON during the period, December 1967 through June 1969. You all were an outstanding crew and I was, and am still, very proud to have served with you!

I will be attending the 2003 Davidson Reunion in October of this year and am looking forward to renewing your acquaintance along with reciting Davidson sea stories and other tall tales. In that respect – remember the Davidson - (Along with some other good deeds), rescued some downed helicopter crewmen, surfaced a Russian submarine, captured a Russian “drill mine” in perfect condition, and – our ship passed the pre-WestPac “ORI” – when no other ship in the squadron was able to do so. (They all failed!! HO-HO!)

I urge all of you to support and participate in the Davidson Reunion Association activities, attend the reunions when possible and assist in locating former crewmembers. I’m sure the Association would just love to have some of the Davidson era memorabilia that you undoubtedly have tucked away in some storage area. Get it out and send it along to Bob Schippers.

In the meantime-

Best regards
Bob Whitaker


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