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Tribute to GMGC Bill Welch
RADM (Ret) Bob Weidman
San Antonio , Texas

Chief Welch was my Division Chief during most of my Davidson tour as ASW/2 nd Division Officer (GMGs, TMs, and FTGs), after GMGC Roderick. I had great respect for his leadership and professionalism and enjoyed working with him very much. I especially remember his help in steering us through the rocks and shoals of the dreaded and dreadful NWAI/NTRP process. In all our evolutions Chief Welch always maintained a cheerful, positive attitude, which really helped his Division Officer maintain his cool under stress.

He told me that in his younger days as a sailor he had a wild streak, but by the time he came to the Davidson he had married and taken the straight and narrow path (he gave his wife the credit for squaring him away), and he set an outstanding example of personal conduct and military bearing for his sailors. I regret that we never met up again after we left the Davidson. I believe Chief Welch was still on board when I left in December 1967. Thanks to Chief Luellen for passing along the sad news.

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