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Letter to shipmates from the Davidson's
Commanding Officer

Captain Charles G. Wheeler

2 July 2003

Charles G. Wheeler, Capt. USN, Ret.
2132 Ansley Place West
Augusta, Ga 30904

Dear Shipmates,

This year’s get-together for the Davidson reunion, in October, is an opportunity to recall many good experiences of the past. I recently researched a few of the records that mention acronyms describing Davidson’s numerous assignments. I was reminded of the various commitments carried out by one of the fleet’s finest “workhorses”, the Davidson.

The sampling of my review reminded me of what I consider a measure of greatness that the men of Davidson achieved during the period of her service as a unit of the U.S. Navy.

With this in mind, let us not forget that a major contribution to this greatness was ever present from the support we received from our wives and other family members. Their emotional strength and ability to carry out the responsibilities that we were not there to share was truly admirable.

I would like to express to all members of the Davidson family that your unselfish sacrifices have left indelible marks of distinction as a part of the ship’s history.

In closing, let us recognize the timeless effort of Robert Schippers and those who support him in these efforts to produce a website so beneficial to the Davidson family. The Davidson legend lives on!

Warm Regards,

Charles G. Wheeler
Capt. USN, Ret.



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