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Years ago as officers, chiefs, and young sailors of the Davidson - it was many miles of the
Pacific and Westpac you did sail……………..

Oh so many unreps, general quarters - it was always when you were off watch - it would
never fail……

Many the hours spent on the gunline - Market Time - and always there was plane guard for the Hornet - how about some liberty - a new port - but please just not some other work detail…..

Hopefully Hornet would send a helo - full of letters from loved ones that will be in your mail….

Many were the hours of watches you stood - among shipmates always talk and thoughts of family and loved ones - of Pearl Harbor - and especially of home………..

You were the guardians of freedom - your duty our country to protect and serve - it was during
a difficult time in American history - it was on a small DE on the high seas of Westpac you did roam……

Those many port visits to the Orient - Hong Kong, Yokosuka, Sasebo and Subic Bay you surely

For you young men of the sea - these were the experiences as old men you would tell - and of which to others you most always exaggerate all the excitement and splendor…………

But officers and men - my fellow shipmates of the Davidson - please always remember..
While you saw it all from the bridge and main decks - you were just lucky you were on a DE and not a tender….

Your beloved tales of the sea and foreign ports today you have to tell - all the experiences you
relive of Westpac and what it was like to be a young American DE sailor during the Viet Nam War….

It was down in the ship spaces far below - isolated, HOT, and sweaty - but we always knew - if it were not for us - there you Westpac sailors would have been - stranded ashore………………

So officers and men of the Davidson remember us fondly - at a ship's reunion you can tell us what we did not see - joke about our suntans - but above all let it be known………….

Always Vigilant - Valiant -Victorious just like our beloved ship Davidson - our mark in history we did leave in the Orient where we all did roam……

And also remember you had a shower - some warm chow - and above all ship's power - for the snipes did not tire……….

It was all so long ago - but it was because of us - for we were the Davidson's YOUNG GODS OF

Dedicated to the memory of Don Bocian BT3 - fellow BT and shipmate

By: Russell Crosby BT3


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