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The USS Davidson Reunion Association is proud to announce the plaque honoring the USS Davidson is officially hanging at the US Navy Memorial thanks to the help and generous donations of our fellow crewmates and family.

The dedication ceremony took place 11AM, Friday, April 17, 2009 followed by the movie AT SEA at 12 noon. A group of our own, attended the event, and helped provide photos and a short video of the special event.

Images from the USS Davidson Dedication Ceremony and Events - Washington D.C. 2009


Video of the USS Davidson's own Association member, Matt Bozek offering an overview of the ship's service to her country at the dedication ceremony for the USS Davidson plaque.

Please press "Play" to start video.


The following attended the dedication ceremony:

Kerry Smith and wife Donna (Capt. Smith's son)
Matt Bozek 
Bill & Elaine Sagarra 
Glen Schnieder 
Steve Moulton 
Jim Luciani
Jim Tabak
Jim and Wanda Kelly 
John & Anne Hinton
Mike & Gina Peck & family
Bill Ruth
Michael Spencer
Bob Wilkey & Wife & daughter 
Don McRae and wife 
Raymond & Becky Levesque 
Randy & Lillie Faye Hubbart  
John & Rosie Kuhlman and son Bob 
Rick Sparacino
Greg Allen
Mark Burrow & son 
Tom Jackson & Spouse 
Bob Hoose


$3,000.00 was needed to purchase the plaque that will hang at the US Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. We exceeded our goal, and raised $3,860.00, with the additional funds donated to the memorial in the name of the ship. If you are still interested in being a part of this project, please send your donation directly to the US Navy Memorial, and let them know you are donating on behalf of the USS Davidson. Click here for more information on donating.


A special thanks to the Association and the following shipmates who helped make this project a reality. A total of $3,860 was raised to date and remitted to the U.S. Navy Memorial for this project.

USS DAVIDSON Reunion Association
Mike Peck
Bob Ferguson
Dennis Mathews
John Hinton
Lawrence Garlock
Bob Schippers
Dan Kroeger
John Raab
Pat Swaggert
Chester Clagett
Griggs Wheeler
Larry Thomas
D.L. Burris
Darryl Keller
Glenn Schneider
James Jochum
John Buche
Larry Habdas
Robert Kalagher
William Segarra
John Jones
John Meek
Robert Wilkey
Martin Hunt
John Kuhlmann
Robert Reitter
Daniel Andree
Jim Kelly
Ralph Amato
Paul Merwin
Neil Eney
Russell Crosby
And one
Anonymous Donor
Pete Overstreet


For more information regarding the US Navy Memorial, please visit their website at www.navymemorial.org.

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