Summary of USS DAVIDSON's 5th WESTPAC Deployment

10 April 1972 Underway for 5 th Westpac deployment
12 April Crossed International Dateline
19 April Refueled, and took on ammunition and provisions at Guam, Marianas
22 April Inport Subic Bay , Phillipines
24 April Enroute to Gulf of Tonkin for NGFS duties
26 April Commenced NGFS operations in the vicinity of the DMZ Vietnam
29 April Assumed escort duties for USS OKINAWA LPH-3 on special ops
30 April NGFS operations on the Qua Viet River in the Dong Ha and Quang Tri areas of MRI
26 Apr 2 May Received hostile fire from coastal defense sites in the vicinity of the Qua Viet River consisting of gunfire and rocket attacks. No damage sustained. DAVIDSON qualified for the Combat Action Ribbon.
5 May Operations in vicinity of Hue , Vietnam conducting NGFS.
12 May Expended of 1200 rounds during all night H & I missions north of Hue .
13 May Provided NGFS support for airlift of 369 th SVN Marine Brigade north of HUEM operation Song Thanh
15 May Assumed NGFS missions near Qui Nhon
17 May Rendered assistance to SVN Navy WPB 718 which had received recoilless rifle hull damage and one personnel casualty
18 May Received hostile fire from recoilless rifle site believed to be same that damaged WPB 718. DAVIDSON took under fire and silenced
19 May Assumed escort / plane guard duties for USS KITTY HAWK
24 May Entered Subic Bay , Phillipines for upkeep
31 May Escort duties for USS KITTY HAWK
3 June On NGFS duties at point Dianne as member of TU 70.8.9
6 June Assumed shotgun duties for USS STERRETT
10 June Assigned as escort to USS BIDDLE on North SAR Station
5 July Assigned to NGFS duties 10-11 July CBS-TV New Media Team embarked on DAVIDSON
17 July In port Subic Bay , Phillipines for upkeep
29 July Assigned to NGFS duties
25 Aug Enroute to Sasebo , Japan
29 Aug Upkeep at Sasebo , Japan , replaced gun barrels on 5 inch mounts
6 Sep Enroute for NGFS near Quang Tri City , Vietnam
14 Sep DAVIDSON expended 149 rounds in NGFS missions
16 Sep DAVIDSON expended 246 rounds in NGFS missions.
24 Sep Captain Shapero relieved Captain Wheeler as CO of DAVIDSON
28 Sep DAVIDSON expended 128 rounds in all night H & I mission
7 Oct DAVIDSON expended 108 rounds in all night H & I mission
17 Oct Enroute to Hong Kong
19 Oct 24 Oct Inport Hong Kong
25 Oct Enroute to Subic Bay, Phillipines
30 Oct Enroute to Pearl Harbor , Hawaii arriving 10 Nov, 1972

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